Juice Organics needed to stand out from the sea of browns and greens

Approach: Juice Organics needed to stand out in the competitive set of natural and organic brands with bright colors and imagery while staying true to it’s mission of delivering healthy beauty. I leveraged the color pallet on the packaging to create softer backgrounds in order to elevate the look and feel of the overall brand. In doing so, I created a fun, authentic visual identity that appeals to the organic enthusiast as well as the mass market shopper.

I initiated a series of short brand introduction discussions to understand the inspiration the founder had for the brand, and the vision and goals that need to be met.

From there, I worked with the company to develop a series of demographic and psychographic profiles in line with their target audience, as well as identify key word filters, and the tone of the brand to drive consistent creative.

I then researched the competitive marketplace to ensure the key design elements displayed a critical point of difference that can be concisely communicated in their sales presentations in order to provide a competitive reason for national retailers including Target, ULTA, Walmart, Whole Foods to choose Juice Organics over the highly competitive fortune 500 companies in the health and beauty industry.

Result: A cohesive brand architecture with assets that are in line with national retailers, including Target and ULTA, which are used to drive brand awareness and account support through Juice Organics web and social media.

Juice Organics

  • Deliverables:
    • Web Assets
    • In Store Signage
    • Social Media & Web Advertising